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Bug#67082: "Choose debian archive" box confusing

Martin Schulze wrote:
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> Sender: Ben Harris <bjh21@cus.cam.ac.uk>
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> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: 2.2.15
> When installing the base system from NFS, I first get asked for a server
> and mount point, and then for a directory within that mount that holds the
> Debian archive, with the default being "/instmnt".  My immediate response
> was to replace this with "/debian", since that was the correct directory
> name in the mounted filesystem.  When I did this, I found that pressing
> return had no effect.  I had to use the shell on tty2 to discover that I
> should have typed "/instmnt/debian".
> Either the box should automatically prepend "/instmnt" to the supplied
> path, or it should explain what /instmnt is.  Error messages when an
> invalid path is supplied would be nice, too.

Do we agree that dbootstrap should silently add /instmnt/ since the
message doesn't imply to prefix that directory and the user does not
need to know about the mountpoint used.



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