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bf documentation hazy plans (was Re: bf rewrite?)

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Anthony Towns wrote:
> > I wonder if it would be better for Josip and Adam or whoever
> > to simply make a release-notes.deb that they maintain independently
> > of boot-floppies and that's easily buildable (since we have a definite
> > .tar.gz with Build-Depends). I wonder if it would be workable for us to
> > automatically extract the actual release notes from the latest version
> > of that .deb and stick them in doc/ or woody/main/{disks,upgrade}-*
> > as appropriate.
> I think the problem with breaking out the release notes into their own
> package is maintly that they refer to some things like kernel versions
> that can be hard to automatically determine unless they're built at the
> same time as the boot-floppies. Adam and I talked about this the other
> day, he seemed to think it might still be doable.

My current thinking is to break out the release notes and the install
manual as two separate pacakges and separate CVS areas of the
debian-doc CVSROOT.  I hadn't really planned on doing this in the
context of boot-floppies though, but rather when that is obsoleted by

There is interaction between the build system and the documentation,
as Joey pointed out, but this could probably be more sanely handled by
having the debian-installer (or even boot-floppies) make a SGML or XML
entities file and periodically refresh that in the release-notes and
install-manual doc CVS areas.

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