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Re: bf rewrite?

Joey Hess wrote:
> Part of the reason behind the rewrite is what you've just discussed --
> very few people are able to understand the current code-base and work on
> it effectively. A big goal of the rewrite is to get as many new people
> working on it as possible, and make the new system modular and well
> documented for developers so a lot of people can contribute. I plan to
> post to -devel and try to pull in as much new talent as I can.


> > Thus, if a new system is to be written, develop on it in parallel with
> > the current system and replace the current one as soon as possible,
> > but don't abandon the current system or we will run into the same
> > desaster as last year again.
> Well this is something I've thought about. It's rather hard to plan for
> since we don't have any projected release date at all yet. If we freeze
> in 3 months you're right, the system is just not going to be all there 
> (though I hope to have a rough working prototype in under a month). If
> it takes another year before we release, as it did last time and the time
> before, it will be ready.

Granted.  However, I really hope it won't take another year to release



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