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Bug#68517: [compact] not enough RAID ida devices

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.16

For installing on a Compaq DL380 with onboard RAID controller and PCI
Smart Array 221 card the compact set is required (requisite support for
RAID + onboard ethernet does not appear top be in the standard set).

However, the file system shipped with the compact set includes device
nodes for the first RAID controller only (i.e. /dev/ida/c1* ).  This is a
problem if you wish/need to install to the second controller (i.e.
/dev/ida/c1* ).

Note that the machine that this occured on has an onboard controller
(first RAID controller) which has no disks.

Workaround: after booting and loading teh root file system, go to 2nd VC
and manually make the necessary device nodes (i.e. "cd /dev/ida; mknod
c1d0 b 73 0; mknod c1d0p1 b 73 1;...") then go back to the first VC and
select re-start the installation (otherwise you don't get the chance to
partition on the second controller).

Suggested fix: root file system to have devices for /dev/ida/c1* (and
possibly /dev/ida/c2* also?).

IMHO, this is an "important" bug.

Furthermore, attempts to use makedev to make these devices ("cd /dev ;
/sbin/MAKEDEV ida.1") fail miserably (sorry, messages lost but it did
include references to file system full - I'll try to recreate this on
another machine next week, if necessary).

Apart from this, the installation on this machine appears to have gone
flawlessly (LILO installed on c1d0p1 and MBR on c1d0) - thanks :-)


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