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Bug#64371: Smart Array RAID Compaq do not see at boot

> Package: boot-floppy
> Version: 2.2.15
> Severity: critical
> I'm trying to install Potato on a Proliant 400 with a Smart Array RAID
> 211 card.
> At boot, the Potato CD do not see the card.
> The server is equiped with 3 disks using RAID 5. No disk on the
> motherboard SCSI port. The RAID card is on first PCI bus close to the ISA
> bus and the system say: Slot 4
> Proliant bios version: F01
> Smart RAID Card Firware Revision: 4.16
> I tested the logical unit with the Compaq diagnostic and all seems to be
> fine. The Compaq utility CD well created the Compaq partition on the
> logical disk.
> Is-it normal? I supposed that this RAID card was well supported. Do we
> have a way to "force" lilo to discover the card at boot?

Yes.  As far as I can see there's a kernel module for this kind of
cards.  You'll have to install that module first.  It's on the
drivers disk.  With newer boot-floppies (2.2.17 and newer) you can
also load these modules from a special disk to prefix the entire
installation (which would make sense in your case).



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