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Bug#68665: Please add devices

retitle 68665 [CVS-fixed] Missing devices in base system

I've worked on the boot-floppies code recently...

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: 2.2.16-2000-07-14
> When people select one out of a couple of non-ATA-CD-ROMs they'll
> run into an error, resulting in bug reports like Bug#35435.
> I've investigated this a little bit more.  A couple of device files
> are missing in the base system.
> These device files are expected to be present in /dev by modconf
> which manages driver modules to be inserted in the kernel as well
> as the link to /dev/cdrom
> (done via "cd /dev && rm -f cdrom && ln -s aztcd0 cdrom")
> aztcd0: brw-rw---- root/cdrom     29,0 2000-07-05 19:44 ./dev/aztcd0
> sonycd: brw-rw---- root/cdrom     15,0 2000-07-05 19:44 ./dev/sonycd
> cm206cd:

manually added

> gscd:

manually added

> isp16:

Oops, commented out, not present in devices.txt anyway...

> mcd: brw-rw---- root/cdrom     23,0 2000-07-05 19:44 ./dev/mcd
> mcdx0:
>        brw-rw---- root/cdrom     20,0 2000-07-05 19:44 ./dev/mcdx

Added workaround until MAKEDEV is fixed:

(cd $B/dev && mv mcdx mcdx0 && ln -s mcdx0 mcdx)

<Joey> Is it possible to have more than one mcdx in the system and does Linux support this?
<Treenaks> Joey: yes, yes
<Treenaks> Joey: just modprobe more than once
<Joey> then a) devices.txt is inaccurate and MAKEDEV is buggy
<Joey> How many devices are possible?
<Treenaks> Joey: try Configure.help
<Treenaks> Joey: and Documentation/cdrom/mcdx
<Treenaks> Joey: it supports up to 5 drives
<Joey> Aha, ok, so 0-4 need to be added.

> optcd:

Added to MAKEDEV call

> sbpcd0: lrwxrwxrwx root/root         0 2000-07-05 19:44 ./dev/sbpcd -> sbpcd0
>         brw-rw---- root/cdrom     25,0 2000-07-05 19:44 ./dev/sbpcd0
> sjcd:




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