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Re: New release of boot-floppies

Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

> Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > BTW, I worry about all the new devices you just added.  Are you sure
> > we didn't just make the rootdisk too large for powerpc?  Didn't exceed
> > our 
> I don't know.  (your sentence broke there somehow...)

Um, the root disk cannot be made.

> If we don't provide the devices, we should create them online, that
> would be a feasable solution for me.  Or alternatively we have to
> remove the drivers that make use of them...

Well, the stupid raid drivers that need all those controller-specific
devices is what is consuming all the inode space.

You may be able to tweak the controllers that are built.  The
compromise we *explicitly* made was to only support one controller,
and only support so many devices, to keep the root disk size down.

If you can find another workaround, great; otherwise, we need to back
that out so bf can build again.

> > I'm focusing on the documentation bugs and improvements, so you can
> > leave those to me if you like.
> Yes, I already skipped the documentation stuff, since for a long time
> I haven't coded I want to do coding instead of documenting this time.
> At the moment my priorities are bug fixing in the code, not in the
> documentation.  Reading the changelog, there are a couple of people
> out there working on documentation.  Only very few people work on
> the code.

No problem at all.  Leave the documentation side to me.

My only request, as I said before, is that you make changelog entries
with the bug closing directives in there.

> Speaking of code, do you know where the libc is shrinked?  I'd like
> to review it and/or to add a function (tracking down the mke2fs bug report)

Yeah, it's in scripts/rootdisk/mklibs.sh ?

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