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[no subject] "error 0x10" while attempting to install Corel Linux "Illegal Instruction" - take II "Illegal isntruction" "LI" for LILO or loading from a second harddrive "menu" entries always sorted (no subject) (off topic) WindowMaker Themes (Samba) tree connect failed .emacs file please /bin/sh and ash, bash /dev/console - Kernel upgrades from 2.0 to 2.2 /dev/eth0 missing /dev/mixer hosed by potato upgrade... /etc/limits /etc/securetty and login failure logging /usr/include/bsd where? 2 identical NICs? 2 problems after upgrade 2 questions on apt-get 2.0.36 SMP Re: 2.2.10-14 i686 SMP: IDE RAID-5 array hangs on mount 2.2.x modules re: 3c575_cb driver 500meg free partition, how to use? = = = Beginner's Question = = = = Jag behöver hjälp! @Home not working [Fwd: Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours] [ Re: menu problems] [O.T.] Architectures [Off Topic] Celeron 366 or 400 MHz, 64+ MB RAM? [Off Topic] DVD Playback under Debian... [OFF TOPIC] Finding an IP from a Mac Address [Off-Topic] Asus MB, Faulty BIOS? [Off-Topic] Pentium Motherboard Re: [OT] How to find out who to contact with Internet network problems? [OT] How to find out who to contact with Internet network problems? [OT] Knuth saying about a mice with an OS is like an elephant? [OT] Removal disks for backups [potato] GnomeICU stopped working [Rank Newbie] Netgear ether card under Corel distrib [Stefan Gybas <>] Possible solution to Netscape crashing problem (was Re: Release-critical Bugreport for January 7, 2000) [Translation of Swedish mail] I need help! (was: Jag behöver hjälp!) [URGENT]: Convert BMP to PBM [WARNING] powstatd does currently work with new CyberPower UPS ^A^D to logout ? ^c broken in latest potato `Powered by Debian' buttons About Exim : HELP ME !!!!!! About Exim : PLEASE HELP ME!!! Access diretories in proftpd Accessing /dev/mem Re: Acer machines Re: Adaptec AHA-2940 Adding a superuser Adress magnager Advanced hard disk mirroring! Alan Cox's Portaloo alien not y2k compliant? All Gnome packages are broken? Allowing users to shutdown Alsa on CS4236 alsaplayer on the command line alt key in jed under X amd config anacron jobs for users Anacron problem Re: ANN: initial sparc potato boot floppies ready for testing Antigen found W32/Ska.exe virus Any considerations for debian on Athlon processor Anyone have luck with Krash (KDE2)? AOpen video card question apache log customization Apache Recompile Apache suExec - how to configure under debian? Apache-ssl going mad Applications are too big for the screen apsfilter apt cache apt changes mount status of /usr ?!?!! apt sources list APT with partial set of files apt's entry for non-US? apt, dpkg, dselect, and deity? apt-cache question apt-get -s -u dist-upgrade apt-get and the ftp method apt-get confused, how to repair? apt-get dist upgrade apt-get remove gnome-bin problem: apt-get upgrade apt-get upgrade -> config: dead keyboard?? apt-get upgrade: config fails apt-get URLs proposal apt-get wants to remove netscape? apt-get warning apt-get with proxy username and password apt-get without keepalive apt-get: upgrade vs dist-upgrade apt/squid errors Are "non-US lines" still necessary in /etc/apt/sources.list? ArtS? ascii file conversion Mac -> UNIX ATA/66 hardware detection problems ATARI MEMORY ATHLON K7 AMD & Linux Athlon kernel compilation blues Re: Attention: imapd gpoing back to $HOME as mailbox root ATTN: aphro [OT]: probs w/ your mail server automate multi form submission AW: slink -> potato AW: what exactly is SMP? AW: when is swap allocated B&W vs color, bsd vs linux backing out to an older libc6? backspace in xterm backup to DEC TZ87 Bad 3c59x Module in Jan 27 Potato bad modem? bash does not export variables (was Re: CORRECTION: ^c broken in latest potato) Batch rename files BEFORE YOU UPGRADE TO POTATO LOOK AT... being hacked via ssh with X11 forwarding? Re: BIND security question bind: how to *not bind* to interfaces? BitchX irc server list Black Magic Re: Blocked high ports Blocked high ports (fwd) Boot Boot problem on new computer bootable CD on non cd booting machine? Re: Bootable MSDOS filesystem from Linux Booting from an 640MB MO-Disk with LILO? Booting kernel with 4 mb ram Booting kernel with module SCSI support? Booting Linux and Win 98 Re: Booting Linux and Win98 Booting problem with AMD Athlon broken /usr/sbin/liloconfig Broken Debian Installations Broken KBD installation broken pipe broken upgrade to frozen bug in libqt2 package? bug of pppconfig or dpkg Re: Can log in through.... Can login through telnet but not at local machine? can sawmill be used with slink? Re: can somebody please give me some info regarding package dependencies. can somebody please give me some info regarding package dependencies. can someone please explain to me error in execution path? can someone please provide list of uri's for apt (potato) can someone pls. provide me a list of URI's for apt to work properly can't boot after apt-get dist-upgrade Can't boot from a second harddrive (repost) can't compile ksymoops can't connect to ISP! Can't find /dev/dsp Can't get scripts to work Can't give non-root X access Can't print from Gimp Cannot mount all CDs Cannot mount cdrom Cannot mount cdrom in new potato install canucmee? CD's and such for a CD handout? CD-cataloguing program CD-ROM only plays mono?? cd-rw 's Re: cd-rw's cfdisk Re: change modem port? Changing architecture from i386 to i686 (dpkg-buildpackage to opt imize for PII) Re: Changing architecture from i386 to i686 (dpkg-buildpackage to opt imize for PII) Changing default of FVWM for windows manager. Changing font size for xterm char-major-6 character mangling FW: chat rooms for vampire Clarification Clarification on setting window manager cnews/nntp/slrn Problem Come on lorenzo, pleas stop the madness.. Compaq Netscape problem on Debian 2.1 Alpha system Compaq Smart array and DAC960 support on potato boot floppies -- your help needed The last update was on 07:06 GMT Mon Jun 13. There are 3731 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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