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Clarification on setting window manager


I asked the question a little while back about how I can set my window
manager. So far I have been advised to edit, in different messages from
different people:


I've also been advised to run register-window-manager --default, but when I
run it, it advises me that it will soon be superceded!

Any or all of these look plausible. None of them actually seem to work (they
currently *all* say kde, but I'm still getting enlightenment).

What is the *real* answer here?

BTW, enlightenment looks like shit. I get stray lines all over the screen
when I resize windows, most of the little icons don't do anything, and the
right mouse-click on the desktop, which all the enlightenment
"documentation" (which is a generous term) I've been able to find advises me
to do, doesn't do anything.

Is enlightenment just crap, or am I missing something here?

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