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Re: 2 questions on apt-get

On Sun, Jan 02, 2000 at 12:50:49PM +0100, Ulrich Hansmair wrote
> hi freaks,
> recently I´m using apt-get to install my potato. I think this way of
> distributing debian is a great step into future and perfectly combines  the
> abilities of the internet and free software. Debian should go this way.
> Now to the questions. 
> 1. After apt-get update/upgrade I always get the standard kernel-image and
> pcmcia-modules which overwrites my own compiled versions. How can I exclude
> this packages from being upgraded?

With kernel-images, build them using make-kpkg with a command line like
 # make-kpkg --revision=ulrich.0 kernel-image
and the revision string will appear 'newer' than any official version, 
ensuring they don't get replaced.  Use a similar revision string for
your pcmcia-modules.

> 2.apt-get upgrade gives the following message:
> ...
> The following packages have been kept back:
> dpkg-dev kernel-package perl perl-base
> ...
> I wanna this packages be included in the normal upgrade-procedure. What is the
> appropriate action?

 # apt-get dist-upgrade 
may help; if you want to see just what the problem is, try (e.g.)
 # apt-get -s install dpkg-dev
and apt-get will tell you what would be required.  Chances are the newer
versions depend on a package you don't currently have installed, or perhaps
conflict with one that you do.  If you are happy for apt to proceed, you
can upgrade them by running the command again without the '-s'.

John P.
"Oh - I - you know - my job is to fear everything." - Bill Gates in Denmark

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