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Re: apt cache

On Mon, Jan 03, 2000 at 05:06:00AM +0800, Robert Marlow wrote:
> heya
> i've downloaded a few hundred potato debs while upgrading my workstation to
> potato. now i'm starting to think it would be conveniant to organise all
> the debs that apt has downloaded by placing them in directories corresponding
> to each deb's section (just like the download site would have them). is there
> any dpkg command or anything which would allow me to move each deb to the 
> correct folder automatically? also, for future maintenance, how can i 
> configure apt to place the debs in the correct directory to begin with?
> basically, what i aim to have is a small subset of the potato distribution
> sorted so as to be a site to which other hosts on my LAN can point apt.
> from
> da Bobstopper

apt-get -y install apt-move
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