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Anyone have luck with Krash (KDE2)?


Has anyone here had any luck with getting Krash/KDE2 to work? I'm
looking for someone who can stay with me for an hour or two on ICQ
and help me try to get it working. I've been planning on developing KDE2
themes for a while and will have some extra time for the next week or
so. Any takers? My ICQ number is 4982727. 

If you're very good with Debian or KDE (i.e. you might know a little
more about KDE development than someone who just looks up the
news at www.kde.org ) or both I wouldn't mind receiving a message
from you either.    : )

Bart Szyszka bart@gigabee.com ICQ:4982727
B Grafyx http://www.bgrafyx.com
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