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Re: Booting Linux and Win 98

>>>>> "Kent" == Kent West <westk@acu.edu> writes:

    Kent> I've got my home computer set up this way, and my mom's
    Kent> computer set up to multi-boot using LILO. They both have a
    Kent> 2-choice menu; with the Windows method you can use the
    Kent> up/down arrows to make the choice; with the LILO method you
    Kent> have to type the menu item, which I've tweaked to be a
    Kent> simple "1" for Linux or "2" for Windows, like:

    Kent>  Please press '1' or '2', then press <ENTER>: 1) Start Linux
    Kent> 2) Start Windows

My prefered method of making a menu like this would be to use Grub.

However, it has been ages and ages since I last tried it (it is on my
todo list), but have heard that it is only getting better all the
time. I do not know what it takes to install Grub right now, or if the
version in slink is any good (the one in potato probably would be

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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