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Re: apt-get without keepalive

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Stuart Ballard wrote:

> I believe the fix for this would be to configure apt to re-connect to
> the server every time in a pure http/1.0 stateless sort of way. However,
> there doesn't seem to be a preference for this. I have tried
> Acquire::http::Pipeline-Depth 0, which had some effect, but not nearly
> enough.

Yes, that is the best you can do, if this is not enough to fix your
problem phone your ISP and complain loudly and tell them to either upgrade
or yell at their vendor - these dysfunctional and unadvoidable HTTP
proxies must be stomped out :P

It is very likely the proxy vendor already has a patch for it, but your
ISP is dragging it's feet applying it.

> Another solution is to simply switch to ftp downloads, but presumably
> there are disadvantages to this too or it would be the default.

FTP is not nearly as efficient as HTTP, but then again, http over a highly
defective 'transparent' proxies often looses to FTP anyhow.


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