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Broken Debian Installations

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, brian moore wrote:

>=The upgrade of libc6 will delete libc6-bin, which will removed
>=netscape-base-4, which will remove the rest of netscape.

Dear Brian,

I understand that POTATO is not released yet. But still this
situation with broken installations was repeated several times for last

1) unknown script had changed a permission of root directory
2) kbd script asked for re-configiration of keyboard with low priority
and "with help" of debconf setup the french keyboard layout
3) netscape has been removed due to dependency mistake

All above are very serious problems which required a lot of knowledge
of system to recover. You normally can't protect well agains such
changes as soon as you need to be root to install them.

Do you know a way to protect systems from such mistakes ?
Full system backup before _every_ installation does not looks 
as best decision for the usual workstation computer.

Pavel Epifanov.

epv@casema.net , pavel_e@yahoo.com

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