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Re: Accessing /dev/mem

On 12/1/2000 David Wright wrote:

Are you talking potato here? All my stable/slink systems show precisely:

crw-r-----   1 root     kmem       1,   2 Mar  3  1999 kmem
crw-rw----   1 root     kmem       1,   1 Mar  3  1999 mem

and that includes the dates. (I included kmem in case you'd misread
the line.)

I was talking potato, yes, i rechecked i have both files same major minor numbers but both are mode 640, in any event they should be owned by root and not some uid 8000+ something ;-)

(I have no idea what these devices do.)

I believe they give access to system memory, which is why its important that they be protected, i could be mistaken, and thinking of /proc/kcore but i don't think so. (kcore represents all system memory too but is not accessable by anyone but root) group kmem is used by lsof which is setgid kmem presumably to access these devices.

I don't know whether its normal for write permission on the group under slink or not...


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