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Re: BitchX irc server list

the way i do it is i create a file $HOME/.ircservers and list all my 
fav irc servers there. then, when i invoke bitchx i use
$ bitchx -r $HOME/.ircservers
and it starts wif my own list of default servers. note: this only needs to be
done once. invoking bitchx after this 1st time will continue to use the 
list of irc servers even if you don't specify -r $HOME/.ircservers

hope that helps!


da Bobstopper

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I'm struggling to get BitchX to recognise my server list. I've put an
ircII.servers file in /etc/irc/, copied it to just /etc/irc/servers/,
and even /usr/lib/bitchx/. I still can't get it to use my [shorter]
list of servers.

The only way so far I've managed to do it is by downloading the source
package and compiling it straight in, but I don't want to do that. The
source says: 

 * Set your favorite default server list here.  This list should be a
 * whitespace separated hostname:portnum:password list (with portnums and
 * passwords optional).  This IS NOT an optional definition. Please set this
 * to your nearest servers.  However if you use a seperate 'ircII.servers'
 * file and the ircII can find it, this setting is overridden.

Where can I put the ircII.servers file so that `ircII can find it'?
alisdair mcdiarmid                                    alisdair@jml.net
[the day is done but i'm having fun i think i'm dumb maybe just happy]

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