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Re: Acer machines

On 31 Dec 1999, Scott Henry wrote:
> Not those specific machines.

> There are separate kernels for one CPU and multiple CPUs (aka SMP). 
> You need a whole new kernel, since the changes are intrusive and
> wide-spread. But it's done with a single sleection in `make
> menuconfig`, the first step in compiling your own kernel. Note that
> all modules need to be recompiled as well.

I'm quite familiar with recompiling Linux kernel.
> A standard uniprocessor kernel runs on a multi-processor system, so
> installation, etc, works.

Problem is, the machine is currently running on a single-processor, and
I'd like to know whether if I add a new processor card on the machine, the
kernel would recognize the added CPU (after recompiling the kernel, of


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