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Bug#154817: general: bugs should not be closed by uploads to experimental

Package: general
Version: N/A; reported 2002-07-30
Severity: important

When a package, whose changelog declares some bugs to be fixed, is
uploaded to experimental, the bugs are closed on package acceptance
just like what is done for uploads to unstable.  That's not correct.

It would be better to use some tags to tell this.  However, I can see
no good tag for doing this.  "Fixed" is not accurate, as it implies
that the package in unstable has the bug fixed, which is as false as
having the bug closed.

One solution would be to have an "experimental-fixed" tag.  A better
one would be to track which distributions really have the bug fixed,
but that's a much longer-term solution.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux vitel 2.4.18-station #1 Fri Jul 26 12:31:59 CEST 2002 i686

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