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Re: Debian Food(TM) (Re: export food products)


> > Interesting, could someone please tell me where I can buy Debian pizza and
> > Debian beer?

> Recipes could be included programmatically in a standardised and free
> format, based on Guile, perhaps?  Of course, we could get backing from
> hardware companies like KitchenAid or Oscar.

Cooking is like invoking make, except that the time taken for the
completion of each target is (roughly) known in advance and that the
dependencies for each main target should be completed at the same time.

I therefore think a format for distributing recipes should be an extended
Makefile format.

> 	(This is a joke.  If any of you are _seriously_ considering it,
> please check into your local sanitarium.  After that, send me a copy of
> the cookbook.  Thanks.)

Actually I think something like this could be useful. Anyone care to write
a WindowMaker dock app?


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