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Re: Christian Marillat, once again

On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 11:55:29AM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG scribbled:
> Also, there are a metric bazillion Gnome 1 utilities in the world,
> including in Debian.  Is there a solid commitment that sarge will have
> ONLY gnome 2 packages?  That *every* gnome 1 packages will be
> upgraded--EVEN IF the upstream maintainer has not done so?
This is not a problem at all, Thomas. Fortunately, the problem with package
naming applies (mostly) to the, so-called, "core" packages - like the panel,
nautilus etc. It does not exist as far as the libraries are concerned -
thus, if a GNOME1 package is not a "core" one it can safely and easily
co-exist with the GNOME2 environment just by having the GNOME1 libraries
around. As far as the "core" packages are concerned the only problem is
migration - preserving the user configuration. As far as I know, this issue
is going to be addressed by the upstream somewhere after .2 minor release. 
Replacing the "core" packages (which are what actually forms the
"environment") is, IMHO, quite OK as long as they preserve (at least to some
degree) the user's configuration, which should happen sometime in the near



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