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Debian miniconf @ linux.conf.au (was: Re: [2002-07-07] Release Status Update)

Hey ppl,

> (2) Nobody's yet organised a Debian mini-conference for linux.conf.au
>     2003 in Perth. (*gasp*!) It's relatively easy to do since most of
>     the work (organising the venue, accomodation, registrations etc) has
>     already been done as part of linux.conf.au proper, so all you need
>     to do is setup a web page and pester people into giving interesting
>     talks.

Has anyone yet undertaken this behind the scenes? I asked the main
conference organisers about it and they weren't aware of anything being

Since AJ seems to be saying that it'd only take 5 mins to organise ;-)
I'd be willing to do something in this regard, but I'm located in
Melbourne not Perth so I'd probably need assistance from someone in WA
for some of the details.

[Jonathan tentatively raises hand for the job, looks around for

If this is cool with everyone, I'll contact the main conf organisers
again and let them know something's happening.

At present I've got a paper (Work in progress: Apt-cacher) up for
inclusion in the main conference because there was no Debian miniconf,
but it's not really of much interest to non-Debian users so if someone
else is going to do something please let me know now so I can request it
be pulled from the main program. Or I could deliver it twice I suppose.

Jonathan Oxer
Ph +61 3 9723 9399 / Fx +61 3 9723 4899
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