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Re: data section: any movement forward?

On 07/24/2002 01:11:28 PM Peter S Galbraith wrote:

>> Just wondering if anyone has the creation of the proposed data section
>> on their eventual TO-DO list for the Debain archive, or if any resources
>> are required to make that happen.
>> I've got a 38 MB package candidate that would be suitable for such a
>> section if it existed.

I can top that, I'd like to make a package of MVS 3.8 and some related
utilities, as a companion to the hercules package.
Then we'd have a truely excellent (although emulated) cobol compiler.
The "starter kit" CDrom I use is only a 500 meg .iso although I can likely
pare it down to "only a couple hundred meg".
What makes a .deb better than distributing the generic .iso turnkey, is
that I can include some "expect" scripts, numerous manpages (most of which
I'll have to write myself).
The only thing stopping me from doing this and privately distributing the
.deb, is limits to my bandwidth and I need to deeply research licensing.

I originally wanted to do with with MVT, which is older/cruder/more
historic, although it's only "tens of megs" I've run into some problems
that exceed my limited JCL abilties.

Unless Debian invests in "google-scale" disk space, the sheer size of the
data section might be unmanageable.  Data section is a good idea, in
theory, but the logistics could be very troublesome.

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