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Christian Marillat, once again

So now that testing has rolled over with the woody release, the Gnome
2 packages have made their way into it.

Gnome 2 has a different mechanism for configuring options--one which
is sadly less convenient than the older caplets, though perhaps that
will be changed with time.

The current state of affairs, however, has two unfortunate properties:

1) There are two different ways to configure the same variables, one
   for Gnome 1 programs; one for Gnome 2 programs.  Since Christian
   Marillat has elected not to maintain the old gnome 1 versions of
   such packages as gnome-terminal, a user now MUST use a mix of gnome
   1 and gnome 2 things, and therefore encounters an inconsistent
   configuration scheme.  This is a bug.

2) The gnome 2 packages do not automatically read old user
   configurations, and therefore when one replaces (say) the gnome 1
   version of gnome-terminal with the gnome 2 version, all user
   customizations are lost.  This is a violation of Debian policy, and
   a bug.

And, the more serious problem:

Christian Marillat once again deems it his job to ignore bug reports,
to close them without discussion.  These are both serious bugs, and
they need work.  Two things need to happen:

1) The bug reports need to be filed and REMAIN OPEN (dammit) until
   fixed, and

2) Someone with the competence to fix them (apparently Christian
   Marillat lacks it) should give them the necessary attention.


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