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Re: Bug#153406: newbiedoc: odd doc-base location

Thus spake Steve M. Robbins on Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 09:39:36AM -0400:
> I think the test is the following.  Make sure dhelp is installed,
> and fire up http://localhost/doc/HTML/ in your browser.  Now,
> pretend that you are a newbie looking for help.  Which category
> would you choose first?  Second?

OK, I took some time to check my stuff (I don't use 'newbiedoc'
at work, mind :)

ATM, Newbiedoc is accessible both under the 'Help' menu from 'menu',
or under the 'doc' section of doc-base. 

To answer your question, if I were a newbie that needed help,
I'd go to the 'Help' section, wherever I can find it :)
However, when I first made the package, I don't remember seeing
a 'Help' section in doc-base, so I picked 'doc' as the next best

The problem is that newbiedoc covers a wide range of topics
(using Vim, compiling kernels, using apt-get, fetchmail,...) and
cannot fall under a specific topic ('admin', 'net', etc).

I believe that this package should go under a toplevel 'Help'
section, mirroring the current menu setup. 

Or have sub-package links in relevant sections ('Compiling 
Kernels' in the 'System' or 'Admin' sections, 'Using Vim' in the
Apps/Editors section, etc). That would actually be neat ! :)


IBM Advanced Systems Group -- a bunch of mindless jerks, who'll be first
against the wall when the revolution comes...
		-- with regrets to D. Adams

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