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Re: Debhelperizing debian/patches

On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 02:46:44PM -0500, Jonathan Hseu wrote:
> Might it be useful if debhelper does what currently only dbs does?:
> If you have a directory debian/patches, it applies those patches during
> build.

Have you seen the "dbs" package? It provides a Makefile you
include in your own packages.

> Many packages already make use of this, and it'd be rather convenient of
> debhelper had the ability.
> Also, if it would become standard practice to make a README.patches
> in the debian/ directory which would describe the purpose of all the
> patches, then debian packages would be much more readable and
> well-documented.

I think dpkg-source v2 will make dbs and its alternatives obsolete.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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