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Re: Debian Food(TM) (Re: export food products)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net> writes:


> No, you must do that seperately with apt-eat.  You must specify everything
> you wish to eat because any parameters left unspecified will not be eaten.
> Anything stored in this manner can be recovered with:
>   apt-get -t fridge <package> 
> It can then be consumed with apt-eat.  One word of caution, you might want
> to check the date of the latest changelog entry to ensure that the
> contents of the package are recent enough for your system.  Eating
> packages whose contents are too old has been rumored to cause system
> incompatibilities.

Nothing that you couldn't fix with dpkg -purge <package>.

Aaron Isotton

My GPG Public Key: http://www.isotton.com/gpg-public-key

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