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December 30th, 1899?

I'm having a problem with the date time function in free pascal.  below is 
the code i'm using.

    db      : sqldbrec;
    user, pass: PChar;
    thismoment : TDateTime;
    date_thisMonth : ansistring;
    date_nextYear  : ansistring;

      date_thisMonth := FormatDateTime('YYYYMM',ThisMoment);

the problem is that on my debian 3.0 machine (and another machine with some 
debian 3.0 packages)
The date gets returned as 189912, as in December 30th, 1899.

Is this a bug in the debian system or free pascal?
will recompile and test on a 2.2 only machine soon, will update on the 

Joel Maxwell,
WWHCN System Administrator
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