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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem: lessions for Debian Mini-Conf

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 10:29, Michael Cardenas wrote:

> >What I wouldn't mind seeing is 2 or 3 days either before or after the
> >next one that lack talks and are just there for ad-hoc discussion and
> >face time and hacking. It was nice to have the talks but I really went
> >
> I agree that there needs to be more time allocated for hacking. Maybe 
> half and half lecture/hacking time.
> We tried this at wineconf. It was mildly productive. We were able to 
> make a list of required features for wine 0.9 and decide on some new 
> bugzilla procedures. But the working groups were moderator lead, not 
> just free for all. But we decided that on the spot. I imagine that if 
> people had known ahead of time that there would be working groups, there 
> could've been more organization on the lists, etc.

Given that I'm working on the schedule for Debian Mini-Conf@LCA2003 at
the moment, I'm reading all these DC2 post-mortems with a great deal of

What do other developers think about the idea of hacking sessions? I've
got 2 days allocated at the moment (see http://lca.apt-cacher.org/)
which are both sliced up into presentation sessions. Is there a
consensus to make at least part of one of these days a hacking session?
We're probably limited to a total of 2 days (limitations of venue
availability, unless someone in Perth wants to donate a hall for a day
for a hack session).


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