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Re: Christian Marillat, once again

Le Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 11:22:08AM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG écrivait:
> 2) The gnome 2 packages do not automatically read old user
>    configurations, and therefore when one replaces (say) the gnome 1
>    version of gnome-terminal with the gnome 2 version, all user
>    customizations are lost.  This is a violation of Debian policy, and
>    a bug.

I hate when people have nothing better to do than piss people off with
"you violate piolicy", when in fact they did a tremendous job to get in
the actual state ... if only you could be more *constructive*.

Sending bugreports is nice, asking them to be kept open, also. But
all the problems you're reporting are upstream problem, so yes you can
file them, we can forward them and tag them until upstream decides to do
something. But the fact is that upstream IS aware of the problem
(several upstream developers do follow debian-gtk-gnome BTW) and that
filing a bug in the Debian BTS will change absolutely nothing ...

BTW, I rapidly checked the Package Tracking System ... NOBODY is
subscribed to any of the core Gnome package. People are always happy to
complain and send bug reports but never to help by sorting out bug
reports and cie.

I wish you had a more constructive way of dealing with people. Instead
of bashing Christian, you could see that Christian is doing many great 
things (too many ?) for Debian, but from time to time he's a bit too
fast in closing bugs because he has to manage a huge number of them. 
The good thing to do is to decide to help him... or if you can't to ask
other people to help him. Sure, he could do that himself ... but nobody
is perfect.

Once again, I have to agree with aj. Release goal for sarge: find a
solution to bickering.

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