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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Russell Coker wrote:

> Toronto was far from "completely covered by wild fire smoke", I smelt smoke
> on one occasion.  I suspect that Denver had more smoke than Toronto...

   It was bad.  The view from the CN tower on Sunday was poor.  Saturday
and Sunday was hard to be outside and breath the air for me.  The large
piles or garbage probably didn't help.

> I've never seen the Canadian PM declaring war on terrorists or drug
> users/smugglers.  The Canadian government isn't planning to invade the
> Netherlands if their soldiers go on trial for war crimes.

   The US has used the metaphor of declaring war for many years now when
trying to tackle large and difficult problems.  This is nothing new if
you follow US politics.

> Read any news report about terrorism or other international conflict, try and
> find a reference to Canada, it won't be easy.  Then try and find a reference
> to some such situation that does not involve the US.

   If you read news about the conflict in Afghanistan, the world Canada is
usually not used, but rather the word coalition, which Canada is the

> >    None of these stopped me from going to Toronto.  I would hope people
> > would similarly be objective when choosing the next city should it be
> > decided to be in North America.
> I think that all decisions are being quite objective.  Also there's nothing
> stopping you from having another DebConf in another location.

   I think discounting US cities for any reasons I have seen so far have
not been objective, but rather based on personal feelings which are not
relevant to holding an affordable and accommodating event.


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