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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 21:32, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> - We needed official, sanctioned Internet access in the conference
> facilities.  Patching together a WLAN with PCMCIA cards in ad-hoc mode
> and hoping it works is not an acceptable procedure, particularly since
> apparently the WLAN couldn't even cover the entire auditorium (by
> contrast, a $120 WAP should have covered the building).
> - Corrollary: we needed official, sanctioned Internet access in the
> housing area.  Less that the organizers could do about this, but still...

This was a problem with York University itself. From the beginning I had
tried to get both good Internet access in rooms and the conference
room/classroom, but I was told that there were no ways to get people who
were not affiliated with York access. (This turned out to be false, but
I didn't know that.) I didn't communite this very well, though.

> - Should we establish a DebConf committee/mailing list that is
> responsible for figuring this stuff out?  At the moment, DebConf seems
> to be organized in a rather ad-hoc manner.  debian-events-* doesn't
> seem like the right forum (particularly since DebConf isn't the same
> as "let's set up a booth at Bob's Linux Fair").

Yes. A debian-conference list would be beneficial.

Just FYI, I'm probably going to organize the next conference in North
America (be it Debconf 3 or otherwise); it'll most likely be in Canada
because some people seem to be fairly against going to the USA (and I'm
also not too likely to go to the States because it's just impossibly
expensive - multiply all costs by 1.5). Some possible locations which
have been mentioned up to now include Ottawa (possibly piggybacking on
OLS, or at least very near to it in time), Montreal (maybe at McGill),
and Vancouver (maybe at UBC).

Something to consider is that, if we're going to regularly hold them at
universities (which is probably best, for cost reasons), it's almost
impossible to have them any time but in the summer (off-term) for
universities in that area. (Students and classes take up the space other

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