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Re: Bug#152934: ITP: fetchpop -- Mail client to retrieve messages from a POP3 server

El dom, 14-07-2002 a las 22:41, Andreas Metzler escribió:
> "Juan Manuel Garc?a Molina" <juanma_gm@wanadoo.es> wrote:
>              ^^^^^^
>              Looks like you triggered a bug, the From: was not rfc2047
>              encoded.

I'm sorry. It was a misconfiguration in my Linux box.

> [...]
> > * Package name    : fetchpop
> [...]
> >  Description     : Mail client to retrieve messages from a POP3 server
> > Fetchpop retrieves new mail from a remote POP mail server and appends
> > it to your mailbox file.  Once the mail is placed in your mailbox
> > file, your mail user agent can find it, and you can read your
> > messages.
> Just out interest, what are the benefits of using fetchpop instead of
> getmail or fetchmail?

First of all, it's concerning choice. I like it and I thought it would
be a good idea package if for Debian.

Second, and comparing to getmail and fetchmail, fetchpop is really small
-minimal-, efficient -really fast-, very robust -proven stability- and
really simple -there's no need to write your own config file, the
program will do it for you-.

Then ... is there a dark side? Yes, it only retrieves mail from pop
servers :-(. But previous reasons are sufficient for me to consider it
useful and a really nice piece of software. Many people should consider
it useful too.


Juan Manuel  García Molina

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