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Re: Debhelperizing debian/patches

Joseph Carter wrote:
> Based on all of the rumblings on this list about a release next spring,
> it's going to be another nine or ten months before we can even use this
> thing.  And that's if we are to believe that Debian is still capible of
> releasing in a timely manner.  I'll believe that when I see it.

I'd hope that we will be able to upload dpkg-source v2 packages soon
after dpkg-source v2 goes into debian. There is no rule that says we
have to make source packages extractable (or buildable!) with older
versions of debian. 

Those who need to backport a dpkg-source v2 package can simply backport
dpkg-source v2 first, much as they would backport a newer version of
debhelper, patch, gcc, or anything else that might have a newer version
that is needed to unpack and/or build a package from stable. Of course
it would be a good idea to keep dpkg-source2's source in v1 format;
luckily the package is native..

see shy jo

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