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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

        > - Housing in general was less than satisfactory.  I realize
        > this is a dorm, and the price was right (particularly after
        > multiplying by 2/3), > but I found the conditions to be
        > bordering on squalid.

        Then you could have easily paid more than twice as much on a
        hotel room.  I checked.  Nevermind the need for transport
        (rented car?) at that point.  Some cities aren't cheap.  The
        YorkU rooms were a steal.

Well I may be the only one that had this problem, but I think it is
worth while to note that my suite at least, was not really
satisfactory.  I ended up buying a few cleaning supplies and giving
the bathroom a scrub before I dared to do any of the three S words in

As for the price, a fellow developer that I met at DebConf (I won't
mention names, just because I'm a nice guy) mentioned that he had a
hotel room for about $10/night less.

I think that in the future, we should try to strike up a deal with a
hotel.  100 people staying 3 nights is 300 room nights.  I'm sure that
a hotel would give us a deal on 300 room nights.

        Hahahaha.  You've never been to a university in the US with
        outsourced food to only one company (aramark) who sucks more
        than any fast food joint you can think of.  The local york
        situation was *very* good compared to other places I've been
        to.  It could have been better (more close food independantly
        ran), but it was much better than I expected.

I enjoyed the restaurants being close.  Although, some quality (ie:
non fast-food) would definitely have been preferable.  The selection
was okay, though.

        Yes, and then we run into the 'charging a fee' bit and paying
        2-4x for hotel costs.  A few minutes on the subway and bus
        didn't kill me.

While I would have liked a venue a bit closer to the city proper, I
didn't mind the bus and subway.  The public transportation in Toronto
is really quite good.  With the exception of the wheelchair ramp that
didn't work.  Of course, we were lucky that we're all buff muscular
guys and were able to help out.  *grunt* On a side note, apparently,
it's against TTC regulations for a bus to operate with a
malfunctioning wheelchair ramp, so I took the liberty of filing a

        > - Would it be more practical to hitch DebConf to other
        > developer events?  For example, should we organize a "Debian
        > track" at OLS

        I don't want this.  I think that having a conference like this
        seperate really lets some of us spend some real face time with
        other developers outside of the talks.

I absolutely hate the idea.  I was at both OLS and DebConf this year,
and, quite frankly, OLS was a little too long, and DebConf was not
long enough.  I wouldn't mind seeing DebConf span up to maybe 5 days
in the future.  Piggy backing on OLS would have not been nearly enough
time to socialize, or have specific talks.  And lets be honest, we all
went to socialize.  The talks were interesting, but it was the
socializing with fellow Developers that made the conference
worthwhile.  I don't /think/ I'm alone on that.

        > - Should we establish a DebConf committee/mailing list that
        > is

Absolutely.  I'm volunteering to help out next year.


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