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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

Russell Coker wrote:
> > long enough.  I wouldn't mind seeing DebConf span up to maybe 5 days
> > in the future.  Piggy backing on OLS would have not been nearly enough
> Getting DebConf to take 5 days (which is longer than OLS incidentally) 
> depends on having 5 days worth of talks.  That may be difficult.  OLS 
> accepted 60 talks and according to rumour declined about the same number, 
> wheras the total number offered for DebConf is rumoured to be <30.

What I wouldn't mind seeing is 2 or 3 days either before or after the
next one that lack talks and are just there for ad-hoc discussion and
face time and hacking. It was nice to have the talks but I really went
for the other 3 items. Call it 'debcamp' or something. Extra
organizational overhead should be near-zero; the people who stay on for
debcamp just use the same facilities as does the conference.

see shy jo

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