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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 09:51:49PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> Yes. A debian-conference list would be beneficial.
> Just FYI, I'm probably going to organize the next conference in North
> America (be it Debconf 3 or otherwise); it'll most likely be in Canada

	As a fellow Waterloo student, I now feel obliged to offer my
assistance for next year's Debconf.  Feel free to delegate grunt work to

> because some people seem to be fairly against going to the USA (and I'm
> also not too likely to go to the States because it's just impossibly
> expensive - multiply all costs by 1.5). Some possible locations which
> have been mentioned up to now include Ottawa (possibly piggybacking on
> OLS, or at least very near to it in time), Montreal (maybe at McGill),
> and Vancouver (maybe at UBC).

	That is very nice.  I'd rather not piggyback on OLS proper,
although what we did this year with OLS on one weekend, and Debconf on
the next allowed people to attend both conferences.  (I know some
students who couldn't afford OLS, but were enthusiastic about coming to

> Something to consider is that, if we're going to regularly hold them at
> universities (which is probably best, for cost reasons), it's almost
> impossible to have them any time but in the summer (off-term) for
> universities in that area. (Students and classes take up the space other
> times.)

	Universities typically have a good net connexion.  I'd love to
have Debconf at Waterloo, since DC has a wireless access point and
enough Internet loving for everyone; although I think housing may be an
issue.  They'd probably stack everybody in Village 2, which is not
exactly the nicest accomodations.


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