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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

On Wed, 10 Jul 2002 20:13, Steven R. Baker wrote:
> Well I may be the only one that had this problem, but I think it is
> worth while to note that my suite at least, was not really
> satisfactory.  I ended up buying a few cleaning supplies and giving
> the bathroom a scrub before I dared to do any of the three S words in
> there.

You should have contacted the staff then.  I found the bathrooms to be quite 
clean where I was staying, and they appeared to be cleaned every day.

> I think that in the future, we should try to strike up a deal with a
> hotel.  100 people staying 3 nights is 300 room nights.  I'm sure that
> a hotel would give us a deal on 300 room nights.

Depends on the season.  In a season where lots of people use the hotel they 
won't give any discounts at all.

One conference I've been to a number of times is held at a mountain resort 
right between skiing season and mountain-bike season.  For a few weeks each 
year the accomodation is half price.  However this is at a price of being for 
a limited time period, and to get the best deals the conference organizer has 
to GUARANTEE a certain number of bookings to the resort management - this 
means that if not enough people book then the conference pays for the empty 

> I enjoyed the restaurants being close.  Although, some quality (ie:
> non fast-food) would definitely have been preferable.  The selection
> was okay, though.

The Japanese restaurant I went to every time apart from Sat and Sun (when it 
was closed for the weekend) was quite good.  The food was tasty, reasonably 
healthy, and not too expensive.  There were also a few places selling various 
sandwiches etc.

> I absolutely hate the idea.  I was at both OLS and DebConf this year,
> and, quite frankly, OLS was a little too long, and DebConf was not

I think that OLS wasn't long enough.  The sessions were too short, there were 
too many things crammed into each day, and there were too many people who had 
two talks they really wanted to see in the same time slot.

> long enough.  I wouldn't mind seeing DebConf span up to maybe 5 days
> in the future.  Piggy backing on OLS would have not been nearly enough

Getting DebConf to take 5 days (which is longer than OLS incidentally) 
depends on having 5 days worth of talks.  That may be difficult.  OLS 
accepted 60 talks and according to rumour declined about the same number, 
wheras the total number offered for DebConf is rumoured to be <30.

> time to socialize, or have specific talks.  And lets be honest, we all
> went to socialize.  The talks were interesting, but it was the
> socializing with fellow Developers that made the conference
> worthwhile.  I don't /think/ I'm alone on that.

Also it's good to have informal BOF's after talks etc.  OLS was too short and 
too crammed to allow as much of that as I'd like.

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