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Re: Christian Marillat, once again

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> writes:

> This is an open issue, which is likely going to be resolved in the
> following way:
> 1) unstable will slowly be switched over to gnome 2 (in-place) as
>    maintainers get their packages created.
> 2) Configuration migration will come into place before sarge releases,
>    so people running gnome 1.4 (woody) will be able to run gnome 2
>    (sarge) without too much trouble. Christian has already started
>    down this path, and Ximian/Red Hat will also be doing work on this.

In this case, the relevant bug reports should remain OPEN, rather than
Christian's attitude of "if I close the bug report, then the problem
will go away".  

I don't insist on any rapid fix--I only insist that while the bug
persists, the bug report remains open.  I'm delighted that people are
working on fixing the bug.  Christian's terse (obnoxiously so)
messages only disclaim responsibility.

Also, there are a metric bazillion Gnome 1 utilities in the world,
including in Debian.  Is there a solid commitment that sarge will have
ONLY gnome 2 packages?  That *every* gnome 1 packages will be
upgraded--EVEN IF the upstream maintainer has not done so?

> It's not possible to have gnome 1 and gnome 2 packages installed at the
> same time: for example, gnome-terminal 2 is still called
> `gnome-terminal.' This makes sense, because it is not a new package - it
> is a new version. Therefore, gnome 2 packages, when rolled into
> unstable, will be called their proper names.

Debian frequently does *NOT* operate this way, when there are major
changes to the user interfaces.  For example, major releases of GNU
Emacs always get new package names.  Even minor releases of the kernel
get new package names.  Major guile releases, perl releases, etc., all
get new packages for JUST THIS REASON.

It would have been *so bloody easy* to do it right:

  Release the gnome 2 packages with new names.

  Once the upgrade path is fixed, release packages under the old
  names, if the upgrade path is really as seamless as you claim it
  will be.

It's very sad that nobody bothered to do that approach.


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