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bugs concerning shared config files?

After a search, in aptitude, for packages in the 'c' state (removed but
config-files still present), I found, among others, lynx, fetchmail and
lpr, which I replaced some time ago by lynx-ssl, fetchmail-ssl and

I made a complete purge of those packages, and lynx (from lynx-ssl)
wouldn't start because /etc/lynx.cfg was missing. However,
/etc/fetchmailrc is still there. Also, I was asked if I would like to
remove /var/spool/lpd, which is used by lprng.

Question: Should I file a bug against the lynx package (or lynx-ssl, or
both)? Purging the config files for lynx should not erase a config file
for another package installed on the system, should it? The fetchmail
packages seem to exhibit the right behaviour.

Question: Should I file a bug against the lpr and/or lprng packages, for
much the same reason (purging lpr wanting to delete a directory used by


Carlos Sousa

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