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Bug#85612: ITP mixmaster - type II remailer

I intent to package mixmaster v3 (i.e. the 2.9beta-nnn versions).

| Mixmaster is an anonymous remailer. Remailers provide protection
| against traffic analysis and allow sending email mail anonymously or
| pseudonymously. Mixmaster consists of both client and server
| installations.

The current license is a bit non-free (might violate 3. Derived Works in
the future).  <URL:ftp://mixmaster.anonymizer.com/COPYRIGHT>
See discussion on -legal one or two years back.

The copyright owner agreed to change the license and I am now working
with the current upstream maintainer to send him an appropriate

Latest upstream version and development CVS can be found at

To make mixmaster useable on a multi user system some major changes are
needed in the code. We are working on that.

I'll probably start with the mixmaster client and consider providing
remailer functionality/packages later.

Brian [85612 submitter]: Your bug now is nearly 18 months old. Do you
still want to package mixmaster v2?


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