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Re: Debian Food(TM) (Re: export food products)

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Loren Jordan wrote:

> At 07:53 PM 7/8/2002 +0200, Manfred Wassmann wrote:
> >Interesting, could someone please tell me where I can buy Debian pizza and
> >Debian beer?
> If it is labeled Debian, it would have to be free?
> Finally, free beer with our free software!

Except for the packaging and shipping fees of course.  I think the
cheapest beer you can get here kind of meets that criterium.  If they'd
put the recipe on the label they could sell it as Free Beer.

Obviously it is strongly advisable to obey GPL section 2a.  Else you can
expect a lot of trouble with your family/roommates/friends when, after
drinking, you put the modified beer back into the bottle and not having it
carry a prominent notice stating that you changed the beer.  Though it may
not be that interesting to know the date of the change.

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