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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

        Again, seconded; I had a (correct) map of the campus and I
        couldn't figure out even the basics; it took me 20 minutes of
        driving around campus just to figure out where to park.  Of
        course, this problem was compounded by horrible signage by the
        university itself;

The people at the University were far less than helpful.  Nobody
seemed interested in helping me at all.  The staff that I did see just
seemed interested in making sure that I knew that it wasn't their job
to know the answer to my question.  Considerable exchanges went like:

Me: ``Hi, I'm here for DebConf.  Do you know where I might go for that?''
Staff: ``What?''
Me: ``DebConf.  Debian Conference.  It's a geek show.''
Staff: ``No, I don't know that.  I'm not in charge of that.''
Me: ``Do you know who I could talk to for more information?''
Staff: ``No, I don't know that.  I'm not in charge of that.''
Me: ``Which direction should I walk in?''
Staff: ``Walking is not my department, I cannot help you there.''
Me: ``Well, I'm going back to the CSB, do you mind telling other people 
      that's where I am?''
Staff: ``You mean put up a sign?''
Me: ``Sure, that'd be great.''
Staff: ``All signage has to be approved by a committee.  Talk to them.''

Eventually I just got pissed off and started walking around.  Somehow
(after two hours) I was able to find out where I was supposede to be.

The address could have used some assistance.  It's wonderful to know
that I'm going to 4700 Keele St, except that 4700 Keele St is the
address of every building on the campus.

        - Housing in general was less than satisfactory.  I realize
        this is a dorm, and the price was right (particularly after
        multiplying by 2/3), but I found the conditions to be
        bordering on squalid.

Yeah, the accommodations were less than acceptable.  Someone I met at
the conference said that he actually stayed at a hotel nearby for less
than what the dorms cost.

Also, the location of York wasn't ideal for getting drunk in Toronto.
The subways stop running before the pubs close.  Cabs are expensive.

Anyways, I am volunteering to help head up organization for next year,
if it's in Canada.  And I'm also volunteering to help out in any way I
can if it's in Europe, Asia, South America, etc.

If it's in the US then fuck it.


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