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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

* Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org) [020710 03:59]:
> I thoroughly enjoyed this year's event. The talks were all
> well-delivered and spanned a wide range of topics, and although time
> management certainly wasn't strictly to the clock I think the relaxed
> and somewhat freewheeling discussion on several occasions was quite
> productive. The commercial use / installers discussion on the opening
> day and the debconf talk were particularly good examples of this.

I dissagree on that one. The only well delivered talk was the one by
demian Connway. (and that one was as usefull as a wart, eventhough fun
for those good at perl. it was a problem that most did not want to admit
that it went over their hads.) Most speakers made up the talk as they
went and/or lacked basic skills (involving gestures, looking at the
audiance (not mostly at the screen/overhead display)). If I am going to
deliver a talk to 100+ people for 30-60min, then i should have the decency to
practice that talk a few(!) times beforehand. I think those instances
which went out of hand (time and schedule wise) are at least partly 
due to that fact. A talk gets (much!) better by rehersing it. Even for
nativ speakers.

Using the installers discussion as an example, and the number of people
starting to do different things as time got longer (because they thought
those things were more interesting?) as an indication of the general
fascination, i got the idea that this topic should have been discussed
in a BOF-session.

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