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Re: Bug#153030: general: Libraries contain no symbols

"Hans-Joachim Baader" <hjb@pro-linux.de> writes:

> Package: general
> Version: N/A; reported 2002-07-15
> Severity: important
> Most libraries appear to have no symbols. Using nm or objdump -t on them
> shows nothing. This makes it impossible to track down problems. The reason
> probably is using "strip -s" on them. It should be "strip -S" or nothing
> (unfortunately the man page of "strip" is not informative).
This is intended (for disk space reasons, i guess. Especially C++
symbol tables can get *huge*). There are some libraries that ship also
a -dbg pacakge with debugging symbols. If you really want to debug a
library, you will probably have to compile it locally.

Regards, Andy
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