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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

Joey Hess wrote:

Russell Coker wrote:
long enough.  I wouldn't mind seeing DebConf span up to maybe 5 days
in the future.  Piggy backing on OLS would have not been nearly enough
Getting DebConf to take 5 days (which is longer than OLS incidentally) depends on having 5 days worth of talks. That may be difficult. OLS accepted 60 talks and according to rumour declined about the same number, wheras the total number offered for DebConf is rumoured to be <30.

What I wouldn't mind seeing is 2 or 3 days either before or after the
next one that lack talks and are just there for ad-hoc discussion and
face time and hacking. It was nice to have the talks but I really went
for the other 3 items. Call it 'debcamp' or something. Extra
organizational overhead should be near-zero; the people who stay on for
debcamp just use the same facilities as does the conference.
I agree that there needs to be more time allocated for hacking. Maybe half and half lecture/hacking time.

We tried this at wineconf. It was mildly productive. We were able to make a list of required features for wine 0.9 and decide on some new bugzilla procedures. But the working groups were moderator lead, not just free for all. But we decided that on the spot. I imagine that if people had known ahead of time that there would be working groups, there could've been more organization on the lists, etc.

michael cardenas
lead windows compatibility engineer
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-Mahatma Gandhi

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