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Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 05:29:42PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Moreover, while I can understand the position of those who opt not to
> visit the US for conferences, it's also my impression that the number of
> developers who hold this view is relatively small -- and certainly
> dwarfed by the number of DDs currently living in the US alone.  So while
> having the North American conference in Canada at least part of the time
> seems like a good idea for a number of reasons, I don't think the
> political climate is enough of an issue to NEVER hold DebConf in the US.

Speaking as an Australian developer, the main thing that would put
me off visiting the US is just how far it is and also the expense.
It's a long flight just to LA or SF from here, plus intra-US flights
after that. Think 20+ hours of flights and stop-overs to get to the east
coast, for example. Europe is even further. Of course, the same thing
applies to any developers wanting to come to a conference down under.
Conversely, USA <-> Canada or Europe isn't quite so bad.

Perhaps I can organise a business trip to coincide with the next
conference ;-)

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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