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Re: Debconf-Help: Bug#152267: med-common: Fails to preconfigure

Tille, Andreas wrote:
> I've got:
>    Bug#152267: med-common: Fails to preconfigure
>    Package: med-common
>    Version: N/A; reported 2002-07-08
>    Severity: normal
>    /tmp/config.311783: /usr/sbin/get-sub-users: No such file or directory
>    med-common failed to preconfigure, with exit status 1
> I think the reason is that /usr/sbin/get-sub-users is contained in this
> very package which is not installed at preconfigure time.  Is there any
> solution for this problem?

Yes, don't use any files from any packages that are not in base or
essential in the config script.

see shy jo

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