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Re: Bug#154680: libsdl-mixer1.2 doesnt work with latest vorbis (1.0.0)

Moin Christian!
Christian T. Steigies schrieb am Monday, den 29. July 2002:

> Maybe all this will be fixed when I rebuild sdl-mixer with vorbis 1.0.0 (and
> I don't have to rebuild defendguin for that?), but I want to be sure this
> time. 
> I still think the bug it with vorbis when it pulls away the library under my
> legs, how am I supposed to know? Shouldn't it keep the old library around
> until all packages that depend on it have been notified and updated?

This is Calc's fault. Removing files from a package without changing the
name is generaly a bad thing. I suggest to

 - restore the old libvorbis package, and give it a higher epoch. This
   is for transition only.
 - call the new vorbis version "libvorbis0a"

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