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Re: Christian Marillat, once again

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> writes:

> Except that's not entirely true. The majority of GNOME 2 hasn't been
> released to unstable - it's mostly in experimental with the "2" postfix.
> There's no reason why the packages which can really break things - like
> the panel, nautilus, etc - will be released to unstable without the "2"
> prefix in the beginning, and transitioned afterwards. Christian released
> gnome-terminal 2.0.0 into unstable because it was supposed to not break
> anything and be superior. This is obviously not the case, but it does
> provide better exposure to brand-new software and therefore results in
> better software in the end. I will probably follow this example with
> gedit as well, because there's not much of a reason to release a gedit2
> package.

So the strategy for releasing gnome-terminal was to achieve a goal,
which it didn't actually achieve, and couldn't have.

And because you think this is such a fine example, you want to follow
it with gedit now too?

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